Sarah Dunn, Blog Post #7

The article summarizes Sarah Palin’s remarks at the National Rifle Association’s “Stand and Fight” rally in Indianapolis. Palin focused on the issue of Second Amendment Rights and the Obama administration’s counterterrorism policies. In regard to counterterrorism, former governor Palin said that if she were “in charge”, “waterboarding is how we’d baptize terrorists”. Palin revealed an equally strong opinion  on potential gun-free zones in public buildings like schools, calling it “stupid on steroids”. Sarah Palin believes that “our kids could be defended against criminals on the spot if more Mama Grizzlies carried”.

I honestly thought this was a joke at first. The fact that someone who almost became Vice President said “waterboarding is how we’d baptize terrorists” if she was in charge is terrifying. Her comments on gun control are worrying as well. She said that she carries a “gun because a cop is too heavy”. There is a popular belief that it is the safest to be constantly armed. Illogical arguments like that set the debate back and prevent any helpful discussions from taking place. If everyone has a gun, then everyone is inherently less safe. If all teachers and adults in schools have guns, then the risk for a school shooting is going to be far higher. More guns in more public places will result in more shootings in more public places. The second amendment was created in a time where we needed guns for gathering food. We should be able to have guns for recreational purposes, but we do not need to carry around automatic weapons at all times.


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