Last Blog Josh Lutz

Broadway actress Valerie Harper is being sued for hiding the fact that she had cancer from her producer, Matthew Lombardo.  Harper had contracted lung cancer in 2009 but the symptoms were not severe enough for her to stop working.  She continued to play her roll as Tallulah Bankhead in the production “Looped”.  in the later part of 2012 her cancer began to take a turn for the worse and her symptoms became much more noticeable.  She sought medical attention and was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was given only months to live.  She had to drop out of the show and receive treatment.  After withdrawing she stopped receiving payment even though she was under contract.  she sued and the producer counter sued.  He claimed that she had withheld vital information and cost the company a lot of money.  he claims that it coast 500,000 to find and pay a new actress and 1.5 for other coasts.

I find it wrong to expect a person who is dying to pay for her replacement.  she should have gotten the money she was garunteed in her contract and no more.  She had every right to sue and expect her payment that she was told she would receive.  How can her producer say that she with held information when the caner she was diagnosed with in 2009 was the reason she had to leave.  she was diagnosed with a whole new disease and told she had only moths to live.  Matthew Lombardo should not win this suit.


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