Henry Pendleton, Blog Post #6

In recent months the College Board has announced the roll out of a new SAT. A long overdue change from the decades old, out of date former test that was rapidly loosing popularity to the ACT. The new SAT is planned to go into effect early 2016, so that means that this years juniors and sophomores will not have to worry about nor change there study habits but this years freshmen will be the first to take this updated standardized test. The SAT will go back to the original 1600-point system like it was before the addition of the essay in 2005 where it was changed to 2400 points. Along with the change in scoring there is a new approach being taken towards the test. First of all they are making the essay portion of the test optional but still suggested for a more complete scoring outcome. Next they are taking a new approach to the vocabulary portion of the exam. The hours spent will flash card learning the precise meaning of every word in the English-Oxford Dictionary will be a thing of the past. The words will be put in to a passage, giving you the ability to decipher meanings of those iconic SAT vocab words that you may never again use in you day-to-day life. In the math section the creators of the new SAT are going to put the problems in to a more real world context; no more straight calculations of random numbers. In the end the test is designed to test a students critical things and analyses to gauge there college preparedness which is the whole goal of the SAT.
As some who has taken both the old SAT and the ACT multiple times I much preferred the ACT. In scoring I was in a remarkably high percentile with the ACT then the SAT and for that reason I scrapped my SAT and only sent colleges my ACT score. With all the experts coming out and saying that the SAT is making a shift more towards the SAT style I can only good things coming out of it from a personal stand point. As a student who struggled with the lay out and the formation of the outdated SAT the update sounds like a step in the right direction.


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