Ted Dong’s Blog #6

Just a day ago, Alex Hribal, a 16 years old sophomore at Franklin Regional High School, was charged and faces 4 counts of attempted homicide and 21 counts of aggravated assault in connection from the attack he did at school from yesterday, which causes 20 teens and 1 adult wounded and 3 of them are under bad condition. However, Hribal has always described as a “really nice kid” by some classmates at the school. The local police chief Tom Seefeld did not seek any sense from the mass stabbing, either. This event is considered as a totally random.


How can we avoid things like this? I think that there are things that we still could do inside o our school and our educational system. We could build a new school office to communicate with the students about their personal feelings and inside thoughts. We should have some new class to teach students about school safety and personal safety. Parents and the school security should watch out for dangerous weapons and mental health issues.


We should pay more attention to event like this because education is the most important part of a county and our future. Without any doubt, student mental health and safety condition is a issue that we should keep working on.




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