Josh Lutz #6

This was an article about Jeb Bush’s very different stand on illegal immigration and his possible candidacy for the upcoming election.  He said that some immigrants come here out of an act of love toward their families.  He said it was okay for them to come because they are doing it out of love.  This is so different especially for a republican.  Both parties generally agree that illegal immigration is bad because they just free load off of our welfare systems and now our new health care system.  I do not think that just because they are doing it out of  love makes it okay. I think this is a way to try and get the votes of the moderates and the liberals.  He also talked about the possibility  of him being a candidate in the election.  he credits most of his recent popularity to the vagueness of his running.  he said he needs to make sure his family is okay with him ruining in 2016. I think it would be very interesting to see what would happen if he ran.  he would have the backing of two former Presidents I will be excited to see if this gives him any advantage.


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