Eddie Campell #6: Obama Push for Pay Equality Symbolizes Popular New Emphasis on Equal Pay

This coming Tuesday, the 8th of April, President Obama will sign into effect two executive orders regarding Pay Inequality amongst women and minorities in the work force. The first order will prohibit federal contractors from retaliating against employees who want to discuss their salary wages. The second and perhaps more important order will require Labor Secretary Tom Perez to create regulations requiring federal contractors to report salary data and breakdowns based on certain factors such as sex and race.This all will culminate in a speech by President Obama calling for the ratification by Congress of the comprehensive Paycheck Fairness Act. All of this exemplary Presidential bustle represents the full scale effort of Democrats to address the blatant disparity between what a women makes and what a man makes.This focal point has proved to be exceedingly successful for the Dems. People all across the country and in virtually every state are responding positively to this call to build up the middle class. Even more so, the Republican opposition to the Paycheck Fairness Act (because Obama represents it) has hurt them substantially in the polls, which is especially beneficial for the Democrats in these months leading up to the midterm elections. The counter-point from Republicans is mainly that: one, the bill will not change enough to solve the issue, and two, that the bill is just a distraction from how “harmful” the Affordable Care Act is to women with healthcare.

Just how our government class discussed after our debate what factors determine what citizens vote for in an election, this quarrel over pay inequality has shown that issues that relate directly to the voter are the most powerful. Everyone cares about their wages because most everyone has a job or at least wants a job. Moderates are drawn to the strong pull of a politician guaranteeing them more money, let alone equality in their lives. In addition, the uplifting support of this bill from people across the nation also proves how the citizens are where power is derived from in this democracy. If one can an issue that the people care about and cater to that majority, he will get elected. Regardless of what he believes to be a more pressing issue or a more significant problem , the desires of the community will basically always win out. As the president of the Center for American Progress said, “I don’t really understand the Republican argument; it’s certainly not an argument that seems like it’s resonating with voters.” Thus, Democrats now find themselves in a position to win great admiration from their constituents and Republicans find themselves scrambling to come up with a decent response.



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