Mallory Ackerson #6

There has been much controversy surrounding “compassionate” drug use. More and more stories have been coming forward of patients who have died waiting for the FDA approval of a drug that potentially could save their life. One was the story of Sandy Barker and her son Christian. Christian was diagnosed with leukemia. After receiving a bone marrow transplant the donor cells attacked his body. When Christian had received permission to take the drug that could have saved him, it was too late. He died at age 14. This is just one of the many stories that has surfaced over this issue. There was even one from Fredericksburg, VA. The FDA has allowed “compassionate” drug use to save lives and claims that the denials came from the drug companies themselves. Due to the publicity this issue is getting company executives are getting involved. One executive stated “something has to change.”

            Personally I cannot believe that this is an issue. It seems to me that there is no reason if someone is dying and there is a potential drug that could save their life that they cannot get and take this drug. It’s ridiculous that companies are worried about their appearance of the drug if the patient takes it and dies. We live in a free country this should not be an issue. Companies should not hold drugs hostage because it could potentially save lives. This should be a mute point. If it could possibly save someone’s life, they should be able to get the drug. It is so sad that people who are literally dying have to fight so hard for something that should be given to them. It is also extremely saddening for their families. If they do die, for them to know they could have had a change if they had access to a drug must be horrible. I can’t imagine why companies and the FDA, in a way, are doing this to people.


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