Morgan McGlothlin, Entry #5


Former Gov., ex-convict Edwin Edwards to run for Congress


Edwin Edwards is hoping to run for Louisiana’s 6th congressional district in the next election. Edwards has been released from prison for three years now, after being convicted for racketeering,conspiracy, and extortion.


Edwards is not new to government. He was governor from 1978-1980 and later elected in 1981, and then again in 1991. His reputation is not great. The Republican Party of Louisiana said, while he was in office, he, “higher taxes, increased gambling and a culture of corruption that has harmed our image and business climate for decades.” An ex-convict with a bad record in office, Edwards doesn’t seem like the most ideal candidate for congress.


But how do we gauge how bad a person can be until they should just give up and not be allowed to run? Are there even limits on what you can have on your record to run for office? Stephen Nodine writes, “The Constitution lists three conditions one must meet to be a candidate for the House of Representatives — you must be at least 25 years old, have been a citizen for at least seven years and live in the state you hope to represent. These are all that are required, and states may not add to them, for example, by prohibiting a felon from running for office.” ( If Edwards believes he can serve the people of Louisiana in an effective way, I give him the best of luck in his run for office.





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