Mallory Ackerson; Post #5

A New Jersey teenager sued her parents after accusing them of throwing her out of their home after she turned 18. When in actuality she left the house and moved into her best friend’s home after her and her parents fought over their rules. Her best friend’s parents helped her make a case and hired a high profile lawyer to defend her in this trial. She was suing them for the rest of her private high school education cost, 650 dollars a week in living expenses and all four years of college and expenses. In a turn of events, she has now moved back into her parent’s house and wishes to drop all charges.

This case has caused much publicity for both families involved. It has raised questions about the friend’s parents such as why they would hire one of the highest profile lawyers out there. It seems that the friend’s parents almost instigated the whole ordeal claiming that the other parents abused their daughter. It all just seems a little shady. The judge even gave the teenager some strong words after she asked to drop the charges. This case in general seems a little off. This girl will now have to live with the, for lack of better word, drama she has created for no reason. Her life will never go back to the way it was before; she made national news, people are talking about her and what she did. She will have to deal with this for a very long time.


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