Dali Dong, Blog Entry # 5

There was a war going on between Russia and Ukraine couple days ago and now they are seeking for a way to end this war. So that both Russia and Ukraine have agreed on a trace in Crimea until the date of 21st, March. However the thing interested me is that there is not ususally a right or wrong answer for this event. For example, it is hard for a person to vote if that he is burn in Crimea and lived in Russia when he grows up. The thing I want to say is that voting works in lots of conditions but however it might be complex in this war between Russia and Ukraine. 

As in the video we could see that there is two group of power, one stands for Ukrainian community and another stands for Russia, taking place in Tartas and they have totally opposite attitude toward journalist. TV station’s power and rights got limited by Russian forces and if later Russia take control of Tartas, not only the TV station, but also the native will no longer have the same right as before. I believe this is the reason why the fight has taking place and guns was pointing against each other in that video. Government at this point should really stands out for their own people instead of throwing trops into the area and block the media. And when government does not stand for its own people anymore, that is the time people would choose to not listen to their government and finaly overthrow it. 


video: http://www.theguardian.com/world/video/2014/mar/15/tatars-crimea-caught-between-west-hard-place-video

web page:http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/mar/16/ukraine-russia-truce-crimea-referendum


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