Henry Pendleton-Blog Post #4

For the past month and a half there has been a major revolt against the government of the Ukraine lead by the people of Ukraine who are against the alliance with Russia.  These protesters were calling to make stronger ties and join the European Union and separate themselves from Russian control and to basically become “Pro-European”.  With in the past few weeks the protesters have become very successful and have overthrown the old government and introduced a new president for the time being.  There is evidence that has now come to light that the former president was almost entirely controlled by Putin, the President of Russia.   This past weekend Russia has sent 6,000 troops to the southern end of Ukraine to the region called Crimean.  Crimean is home to the most Russian and Russian speaking people then any other place in Ukraine.  They have taken control of parliament, the airports, and many government buildings.  They have also surrounded and seized multiple military bases that were formally occupied by the Ukrainian military.

World leaders are confronting Putin and his military to stop this military intervention.  Obama was quoted saying, “There will be costs” which most likely means economic sanction.  The leaders of the G8 are now looking to not show up to the G8 meeting in Sochi later this year in protest and also take Russia out of the G8 and reducing in G7 like it was before.  Looking at Putin’s track record I don’t think an economic sanction and taking him out of the G8 will do much.   These tactics don’t seem as substantial as the issue at had.  When a man sends 6,000 troops into another country unwillingly, taking control of government buildings and military bases it is a pretty big deal.  I know Ukraine says they have it under control and specifically told these major world powers to stay out of it for a little bit longer.  The only thing I see happening is a war. A war between the Pro-European Ukrainians and their new and weak government against the Russian military, the second largest military in the world, only behind the United States with a power hungry irrational leader.  The next thing you know World powers in support of the new Direction Ukraine is headed will have to get involved and it will be the spark of a possible WWIII.


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