Eddie Campell #4: China Pledges Proactive Action

Within the past week, China’s government and Premier Li Keqiang were spurred into voicing their new-found efforts in combating several key issues afflicting the nation. One of the primary points of discussion was the egregious smog that envelops many of China’s most populous cities, such as Beijing and Hong Kong. The most pertinent issue on the day, however, was that of ethnic unrest throughout the country. This discussion came on the back of a recent terrorist attack at Kunming train station outside the far west region of Xinjiang in which a militant group armed with blades killed 29 people and injured 143 more. Premier Keqiang vows to prevent future threats of terrorism, though did not specifically outline how that would take place. Other topics addressed in his first annual policy speech  included enlarging the middle class, stopping widespread corruption in the Communist Party of China (CPC), and cutting back government waste. China also expressed its interest in a group of tiny islands in the East China Sea, stating in blunt clarity that Japan will not gain control of these small land masses.

Personally, as a blatantly exclusionary individual from Virginia, I admit my own ignorance of exactly how the Chinese Government functions and how reliably it carries out its actions. Yet even in light of this, it seems unlikely to me that the Chinese Government will be capable of solving all these problems all at once. I mean hell, just focusing on one issue like Health Care Reform in the United States is enough for someone to rip their hair out. This bold statement of action seems more like a way to pacify the Chinese citizens than a call to justice. However, if real change is going to occur, it is necessary to admit one’s flaws before the process begins. In that light, Premier Keqiang’s address shines brightly. Yet just as how the choking smog inundates Chinese air, much of this address struggles to show any clarity through the shrouded ambiguity of its goals. Hopefully my pessimistic speculation proves to be just that: speculation. It would be fantastic to see some actual progress from China, especially since they are always in the spotlight being the world superpower that they are. For now, Western citizens like myself will have to comply to waiting for more news as progress along the issues China outlined will take long periods of time to take effect.



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