Shelby Thornhill-Blog Post #4

Countless acts of violence occur every day in the streets of our cities, while politicians sit, tucked away safely, behind closed doors, debating what should be done about gun control in the United States. 

Late February 2014, a 15 year old girl in Arkansas was fatally shot in the head. Her and some of her friends had pulled a prank on an unsuspecting neighbor for fun-they egged his car and smeared mayonnaise on the windshield. As the giggling teens fled the scene, 41-year-old William Noble opened his front door, saw his car had been messed with, and opened fire on the group of teenagers. One bullet nicked a young man’s arm, and another hit Adrian Broadway, the young girl, in the head, killing her. 

After reading even just a brief summary of the incident, it seems like Noble should be charged and found guilty of first degree murder, let alone other counts of assault. Here comes my problem with this article-Noble may not be found guilty of anything at all. While the “stand your ground” policy does not apply traditionally in Arkansas, a slight expansion of the law may prove Noble innocent by arguing he had the right to protect his property inside his home, and on the perimeter of his home. 

I’m not arguing that this man doesn’t have a right to protect himself, his family, or his property, but should a carton of eggs and a jar of mayonnaise really constitute for the death of a 15 year old girl, the victim of a childish prank gone wrong? Something needs to be done about gun control, gun safety, and gun laws, and quickly, as this tragedy is no where near as devastating as recent shootings and massacres in this country.


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