California Erase Bill

California is passed a bill that will help kids with social media.  We all know that social media is a huge part of todays society and that a lot of the time people get into trouble over some of the things they post.  Social media companies and networks are also surrounded by controversy over their privacy policy’s.  FaceBook is the best example of this, no matter what you do when you delete a post it is still on the FaceBook data base and it will be forever.  Your posts never go away. 

With this new bill though you companies will be required to allow users to erase their posts and pictures and whatnot.  This bill only applies to minors because they are more spontaneous and have worse judgment.  The bill will allow them to delete things that may cause a problem for them when applying for college or a job or anything where your supervisior would check your social media for information.  I think this bill will be very helpful because there are to many kids doing stupid things and getting busted for some dumb not thought through post or picture.  This will gives kids a chance to rethink and erase. 


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