Josh Lutz blog post 1 on the video

I agree and disagree with him.  I think that he has some very valid points however he fails to mention the other factors that make a country.  He does mention the people he only mentions the demographics  America is the only country who is always running to help other counties who are in need such as the starving and war torn countries in Africa and the countries like Japan and Haiti who have been hit with natural disasters.  We use our military and our own economic funds to do this.  He doesn’t mention our natural resources and the beauty of our country we border two oceans and have an abundance of resources.  And If America is not the best then why do so many people from other country’s risk their lives and leave their countries to come here?  What makes America the best is the spirit of the American people when we are down all races all political sides come together in the great American spirit, 9/11 is the great example of this. America is still the greatest country in the world.


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