Jack Thomas, Blog post #3

Abundant evidence of crimes against humanity in North Korea

On monday a United Nations reporter reported instances of widespread abuse in North Korea. Head North Korean leaders use murder, torture, and abuse as props to “terrorize the state into submission.” The National Commission of inquiry on Human Rights traced the problem to the peak of the North Korean Government. This group said that it would file a prosecution to the Criminal Court. These people also sent a letter to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un that he could be in trouble for violating the rules against humanity.

The big problem is that the government of North Korea rejected this report because they thought of it as Americans trying to undermine its government.”It is nothing more than an instrument of political plot aimed at sabotaging the socialist system by defaming the dignified images of the DPRK and creating an atmosphere of international pressure under the pretext of ‘human rights protection,” said the North Korean government from a prepared speech. This topic can relate to what we are learning in class currently because it pertains to when the government is fit to rule. In this situation the North Korean government is not fit to rule because it has become corrupt. If this were to happen in America the people would be able to overthrow the government. Sadly this is not the case in the socialist North Korean government.




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