Jack Thomas, entry #2

Sochi Safety

With the Olympics just starting up in Sochi, Russia the concern for safety is at an all time high. Recent bombings in Volgograd which is about 400 miles away from Sochi has multiplied the fear of Russian authorities. There is also a report of the authorities looking for 3 potential suicide bombers in the area. The reason why safety for these Olympic games is higher than others also has to do with the fact that the games are being held in a region where Islamic militants have waged violent threats.

President Obama said that, “Russian authorities understand the stakes” and that he thinks the Olympics will be safe and not discouraging. The safety precautions that the Russian government is taking can be applied to what we are learning in class currently. One of the reasons for government is to protect its people and that is exactly what the Russian government is doing with the 2014 Olympic games. Russia is deploying 50,000 police officers to protect the games this year. This is the most police soldiers in Olympic history for safety reasons.





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