Jane Braswell Entry #1

There have always been political pundits and the worst of the worst Rush Limbaugh-types.  It’s admirable that Jeff Daniel’s character Will AcAlvoy distinguishes himself from these talking heads and remembers that he is a newsman.  Unlike newsmen on Fox News and the like, McAlvoy knows that it’s his job to relate the news, not to provide political commentary.  But in this scene, he was pushed to answer the question of — in his words — a “sorority girl” who asked, “Why do you think we are the greatest county in the world?” After attempts to evade the question with numerous jokes he finally answers that it isn’t, but it could be, which I agree with. However, McAvoy’s character adds that  we used to be the greatest country in the world.

That’s where he lost me. I agree that our country was formed on righteous, moral principles. However, I don’t agree  with his thinking that we once were the greatest nation.  I think that status has always alluded us.  Slavery, labor conditions during the industrial revolution, political corruption, the McCarthy Communist trials, the torture of suspected international terrorists… are all things that have kept us on this slippery slope since 1776.


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