‘American is the the greatest country in the world’ stayed in my head for at least 14 years. I would always hear ‘America is the greatest country in the world’ back in China when I was young. Chinese people would compare their country with the United States. I think the reason is that China stands for communism and America stands for capitalism. I saw so many people that worked so hard that they could get the chance to go to America and become an American citizen one day. My dad sent me to American two years ago because that I would get a better future here in America, at least he thinks so. However the longer I stayed inside of America, the better sense I got to know about America. I would question myself, is it the true that America is better than all the other countries in the world? I saw so many different things such as gun shooting in the school, bombing at the sport meet and so many other bad things. Then I start to question myself about the basic principle ‘American is the greatest country in the world’ that I got  known from other people. 

I found out that America certainly is a great country but not the greatest. United States are at high rank in world wide in most of the ways such like economic, education, and military power. America has huge influence with its military, economic and media advance. But in the same time there are some issues inside of America; the ones in my head are medical care and social harmony. It is easy to see that some European country such as Norway, Ireland and Switzerland. Sometimes America should really just slow herself down and recall on those little issues. I still believe in America that American has the opportunity to be the greatest county in the world. 



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