Henry Pendleton- Post #1

Every time I came to visit my grandfather we would always have this conversation about if you could live anywhere during any time period, where would you live. The answer every time would be America.  My grandfather would choose America because, he always backed the United States every time no matter what the situation was.  He has always had a big part in the small town 4th of July parade; mostly driving the convertible that the mayor would sit in the back and wave to all the people that were watching and believing in American ideology and proudly supporting it.

When the lady in the movie put up the sign to the main character writing, “Its not”, but then the next sign said,”But it could be”, in response to the question stated,”In one sentence or less, describe why America is the best country in the world”.  The key point to this is,”It can be”.  Before in my earlier paragraph, my grandfather lives in the small town where he spends his retirement.  This town is small enough where word travels fast by talkative grandmothers and mothers enjoying the sun and their knitting.  The spirit of that small town is what America needs.  Even though we have those awful statistics going for this generation, that spirit and motivation in the American dream by that small town can put us back to the great nation we used to be, the nation that the main character talked about where we stood up like men when we needed to and,”Fight for the impoverished not against them”.  I agreed with Jeff Daniel’s all the way up till when he didn’t say that America could be the greatest country in the world again, and that it couldn’t rise to the top to where we still idolize it today, and that we can be the best.


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