Jacob Rogers, Blog #1

Ive had the priveledge to visit 2 countries outside of the U.S. on complete opposite sides of the spectrum. The first is Honduras, which is a country stricken with poverty and filth. There is a looming sense of fear throughout the country due to lack of protection and stability from the governement. The 2nd Country is Italy, a beautiful place filled with corruption. During my time in Italy I watched as the trash piled up along street corners because the governemnt had paid the trash collectors ahead of time to collect the trash and the trash collectors took the money and ran, thus leaving the governemnt without the money needed to pay a new company for the trash and the trash to keep building up. Even witnessing these things in both countries I would still say that these places were “great”, just as I would say the U.S. is “great”, because each of them attributes to the overall greatness of the world as a whole. One could not function without the other. For this reason I think it is completley unjust to claim that America is the “greatest”, because we too have poverty, corruption, and many other problems of our own. Every country is greta in the fact that they all have special attributes that cannot be found anywhere else but no Country, including the U.S. could ever be the “greatest”.


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